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Trade Deadline Recap - Welcome, Talbot and Connolly

Elsa/Getty Images

So here's a quick recap of yesterday's Trade deadline. It's not exactly in-depth, but it should provide a decent look at the players we got.

IN: Maxime Talbot

  • Cap Hit: 900k (Colorado kept 1/2 salary)
  • Career Numbers: 648 gp, 89g, 105a, 194p, 10.7sh%
  • ZS Adj CF% since 2007: 47.9
  • This year's numbers: 63gp, 5g, 10a, 15p, 6.8sh%
  • Video:

IN: Brett Connolly

  • Not Tim Connolly
  • Cap Hit: 851k (Entry-Level Contract)
  • Career Numbers: 134gp, 18g, 14a, 32p, 9.5sh%
  • ZS Adj CF% since 2007: 46.5%
  • This year's numbers: 50gp, 12g, 3a, 15p, 16.2sh%
  • Video:

IN: Paul Carey

AHL player

IN: Zach Phillips

AHL player

OUT: Jordan Caron

So much has been said about Caron. Here's a video from a few years ago. What happened?

OUT: Craig Cunningham

Lost to waivers.

OUT: Jared Knight

Dougie now last remaining piece of the Phil Kessel trade.

Overall, I think we did alright. Didn't sell the farm to GO FOR IT, but made a few moves that should keep us at least decent. There's work to be done to create a championship-caliber roster, but not as much work as some teams have in front of them.