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Marchand Madness: Round 2 - Hockey Shenanigans

In the Regional Finals, Brad takes on Daniel with his fists and hips.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In the first round, we saw two Marchand incidents against the Canadiens narrowly fall to our love of Marchand embarrassing the Sedins, specifically Daniel. Now we get to pit the winners against each other in a Schadenfreude Sedin Showdown. It's the regional final for On-Ice Antics in today's edition of...


Round Two: On-Ice Antics

1. The Sedin Speedbag

This is a clip that could loop for days and never get old. I don't know if I've ever seen such a display of rolling over and taking it in professional hockey. Absolutely no fight from Daniel here, as the Bruins start to impose their will on the Canucks. There are fights, then there are scrums, then there's pushing and shoving. But the nonchalant jabs Marchand gets in with literally no resistance here is simply unheard of. Just another highlight that'll be replayed in Boston sports history when looking back on this Cup run.

2. The Sedin Flip

By the end of Game 4 of the Cup Finals, Boston began having their way with Vancouver. Marchand entered the Vancouver zone and tried to go outside-in around the Canucks defenseman, catching him high and bringing him to the ground. Danny Boy took notice, heading over to confront Noseface. Seeing the Swede out of the corner of his eye, Marchy ducked Daniel, flipping him into the boards and onto the ice before tossing his gloves and taking on another Canuck in the scrum. It was a nice example of the “Bruins against the world” mentality expressed throughout the series.

So do we rejoice in Brad's left hand? Or in his ability to get low and throw Daniel for a loop? You pick the winner!