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Clarkson Cup: Boston Blades vs Toronto Furies - The best revenge is living well

Meg Linehan

Last year, the Blades played the Furies many times over the course of the last week or two of the season, and won all of the games except for one - the Clarkson Cup final. The Furies won that one, 1-0 in overtime. Well we're back in the CWHL playoffs, and who did the Blades draw in the first round? None other than the Toronto Furies all over again. The two teams will play a best-of-three series:

  • Game 1: 11am Today
  • Game 2: 11am Thursday
  • Game 3 (if necessary): 1pm Friday

The winner of this series will take on the winner of the Calgary Inferno vs Montreal Stars series on Saturday, March 7th at 2pm.

This is your preview and live thread. A few more things:

  1. Zoe, who's been bringing you excellent Blades coverage right here on Chowdah all year, worked on the Clarkson Cup Preview on NHL Numbers with some friends. Read that for far more in-depth information than what I've presented above.
  2. The CWHL has a Clarkson Cup Streaming Package on sale for 10 bucks Canadian. That's like 8 bucks American. For a little daytime playoff hockey, well worth it. Buy that.
  3. Come on back here for the first Blades/Furies game at 11am.

Please feel free to ask questions or discuss in the comments.