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(Magic) Number 9 (Magic) Number 9 (Magic) Number 9

Elsa/Getty Images

The Bruins are at 91 points and any combination of adding points and Ottawa losing points that adds up to 9 keeps the Bruins in the playoffs. Ottawa is 3 points back thanks to their shootout win last night over Detroit. Ahead of the Bruins are Detroit (2 points ahead) and Washington (3 points ahead). So, the Bruins are now closer to creeping up into third in the Flortheast than they are to getting 1st wildcard.

I'm excited. You probably should be, too. As long as we stop seeing Gregory Campbell make a mockery of professional hockey, we're in a good spot! What's that? Oh. Are you sure? Oh dear.

Well, we had a shot anyhow. Here's to all the other coaches being as dumb about certain bad players as Claude can be!

What's on tap, y'all?