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Playoff Picture for April 10, 2015

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

I'm not going to show any tables or anything. It's pretty simple. We need to leapfrog either Pittsburgh or Ottawa. Here's how we can do it:


Pittsburgh is one point ahead, has two games to go, and has one more ROW. Bruins have the head-to-head. So:

Bruins win (non-shootout) and PIT gets one point against NYI and BUF(!!).


Bruins win (any) and Penguins lose both games in Regulation.


Ottawa is two points ahead. We have the ROW tiebreaker. To pass them:

Ottawa loses in regulation and Bruins win (any).

The Bottom Line

If Pittsburgh wins tonight, and Ottawa wins tomorrow afternoon, it's over. If Ottawa and Pittsburgh go to overtime in all of their games, it's over. The Bruins season is on a razor's edge now. And no matter what, they've got to win that last game.