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The #NoHabsNo Campaign is BACK!

The other day on twitter, I remembered the #NoHabsNo campaign, started by Peter Raaymakers of Silver Seven Sens. It was late in the 2009 season, and the concept was simple: Every player that scored a game-winning goal against Montreal got a dollar and a hand-written letter mailed to them. Those of you that remember back far enough may remember that that year was the habs' 100-year birthday that they celebrated for like 3 years. Well, that was the peak of it.

You may remember that, in those playoffs:

It was awesome. Anyhow, Ottawa is now playing Montreal. Raaymakers (praised be his name) didn't want to do it, for fear of jinxing his precious Senators. Now, I'm no Sens fan, and they did basically knock the Bruins out of the playoffs, but I do know one thing: The habs must be stopped. So, it's come to this:

Stanley Cup of Chowder is continuing the tradition of #NoHabsNo.

Luckily for the 4 members of the Senators (please, please please) who will be recieving notes, I'll be taping real American currency to the letters. I would do the local currency but it just won't be worth as much.