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Playoff Bandwagon: So.... Who do we root for now?

Confused about who to follow now that the Bruins' season is done two months earlier than expected? No worries, we're here to tell you who to root for and why.

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Today is the start of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs, and for the first time since 2007, the Bruins won't be apart of it. Understandably, you might be someone who wants to dismiss all things hockey after this tiring, frustrating season. But if you're like us and can't get enough of the sport, you might need a group to hitch your wagon to because you like having a dog in the race and literally can't help but watch the most exciting tournament in professional sports.

The verdict is in, and none of us are big fans of the Red Wings or Canucks. Here are our picks to not necessarily win, but who to root for in the second season.

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East Pick: Montreal!*: "HABS! HABS! HABS!" But only a little. If anyone already doesn't know, Sarah is biting the bullet and doing something pretty damn awesome. She's cheering for the Montreal Canadiens, in exchange for some pretty ample donations to the Transition House, who is helping fight domestic violence. Donations can be made here if you hate domestic violence just that much more than the Montreal Canadiens.

West Pick: Blues


East Pick: Whoever's Playing Montreal: Self-explanatory.

West Pick: Wild


East Pick: Senators: It'd be pretty special if Ottawa could win a Cup for Bryan Murray.

West Pick: Nashville... Or Anaheim or Calgary: The Ducks if they play Josh Manson, the Flames if they play Brad Thiessen...Otherwise, the Preds. It'd be nice to see someone from Northeastern win something.


West Pick: Flames: Calgary really has no business being in the playoffs, which makes them kind of fun. Plus, it's always great to see BIG MONEY WIDES back on the big stage, ready to unleash one-timed rocket goals through Eddie Lack or Ryan Miller or whoever Vancouver puts out there.

East Pick: Rangers: For the East, I like watching the Rangers. They're an entertaining team, and it'd be nice to see another Original 6 team win (not you, Montreal). Plus, if the Rangers win the Cup, it'll spend a lot of time in Massachusetts: Kevin Hayes is from Dorchester (best place in the world, home to the best people of all time forever), Chris Kreider is from Boxford, Keith Yandle is from Milton...combine a fun team with a little Commonwealth flavor and I am on board. Plus, have you ever looked into Henrik Lundqvist's eyes? It's like the first time you hear The Beatles.


West Pick: Jets: I picked Colorado to go to the Finals and I was hilariously wrong. I'm going to be hilariously wrong about Winnipeg as well. But I'm glad that a hellhole of Canadian city has something to cheer for after nearly 20 years of being without playoff hockey. Nevermind that between Stuart, Wheeler, Hutchinson, Byfuglien, and Ladd, it's a plethora of old Bruins and Blackhawks.

East Pick: Islanders: Half because my significant other is a die-hard Long Islander with the amount of disdain for the Rangers that I have for the Canadiens, half because Johnny Boychuk. And a third half because it's the final year at the Coliseum. My mind says Tampa Bay, but I'm hoping the Islanders get a 5th Cup in Nassau.


East Pick: Capitals

West Pick: Jets: Let's Go, Thrashers! "Why are the Jets the team you're rooting for in the West?" You might ask. The Blackhawks have won it all twice in five years. The Nashville Predators have Mike Ribeiro. The Minnesota Wild have Matt Cooke. The St. Louis Blues play their home games in St. Louis. The Anaheim Ducks employ the Crybabies-Who-Are-Really-Good-At-Hockey Duo. The Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames are not very good. If you want a more detailed explanation of that last one, I find the Jets a lot more fun to watch than the Flames and the Canucks.


East Pick: Lightning: I'm a closet Bolts lover. Well, closet. My Twitter background picture is Valtteri Filppula, who am I kidding.

West Pick: Blackhawks: I'm an awful person that wants the Blackhawks to win.


East Pick: Islanders: Employees of Charles Wang

West Pick: Jets: If Blake Wheeler wins the Stanley Cup, I'll go absolutely apeshit.


East Pick: Penguins: My team is in the playoffs.

West Pick: Blues


East Pick: Canadiens: This is what you get when a non-Bruin (from Europe, and thus clearly with no knowledge of hockey according to experts) writes for Chowder. Montreal, because if they win we'll find out how a whole country can both be happy and insanely jealous/bitter at the same time.

West Pick: Wild/Flames: Minny, purely because of former Sabre God & my all time favourite NHLer Jason Pominville actually having a chance of winning something now. And Calgary, because I hate myself and secretly want to be disappointed. (Also, ****Anaheim, always and forever.)


East Pick: Capitals: Ovi should win something.

West Pick: Jets: Getting in on the ground floor with Winnipeg.


East Pick: Islanders: My heart isn't IN IT! But I'll go ink in the Isles, because Boychuk.

West Pick: Wild!


East Pick: Islanders: Because Brooklyn pride, not really having any dicks on the team, closing the Mausoleum with a party, and Johnny Rockets. (Eastern side note: really want more choke narrative around Ovi because I like to watch the world burn)

West Pick: Blackhawks: Because fuck Mike Ribiero and David Poile.