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James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, y'all. Wow,what a night. All of the drama, and that was just the new Star Wars trailer! [pause for laughter]

Seriously, though, we're through the first set of games. Every series has an early winner and loser. PK Subban even got ejected from a game!

Also of note is that Minnesota won in St. Louis last night, 4-2. You wouldn't know it by looking at the three stars, though - the Blues' Jaden Schwartz and Pietrangelo were both listed.

Steve Downie took a real dumb penalty. The sky is blue (behind all of these clouds, I promise).

Detroit/Tampa is on CNBC which comcast doesn't provide in HD, but you can hear Andy Brickley on there. Which is fun, all things considered.

Anyways, happy Friday. What did your bandwagon team do that I missed? What's on tap?