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Fresh Links: Suitable Candidate Edition

Open auditions, anyone?

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Rafter decorations
Rafter decorations
Brian Babineau/Getty Images

Short lists seem to agree on about five possible hires- will there be a black horse candidate?

  • It's all you, Cam Neely, so show us what you've got. You DO have a plan, don't you? [BostonHerald]

  • Inside job? The biggest question for the Bruins may be whether or not to hire from within. [PatriotLedger]

  • This short list of candidates would be the most obvious choices. [SouthCoastToday]

  • Revisit ten of the free agent signings that came under Chiarelli's watch. [MassLive]

  • Here's where the Bruins stand in a nutshell, Fluto Shinzawa and Jack Edwards weigh in. (Video, 1:28) [NESN]

  • Why the Bruins are not in the playoffs- Ten of the reasons are right here. [BruinsDaily]

  • In this potpourri of observations: Firing a GM is highly unusual, and the Chiarelli firing looks "knee jerk." Neely had approached the Bruins' pro scout for advice. If he follows out the door, Claude Julien won't have problems finding work, and if so, Kevin Dineen may be available. [FaceOff]

  • What isn't unusual is meddling owners (or those looking to demonstrate who's boss.) Either way, the NHL has changed and the Bruins do still need to adapt.  [WEEI]

  • Peter Chiarelli's downfall? Love. [630WPRO]

  • Zane McIntyre can thank his grey matter for taking his play to the next level. [DakotaStudent]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Viewership numbers are in from NBC and NBCSN, only a small increase over last year. Boston was behind only Buffalo in local viewership, and the season opener between the Bruins and Fyers was the most-watched game. [SportsBusinessDaily]

  • Hit parade? It isn't your imagination, playoff hockey is far and away more brutal than regular season hockey. [FiveThirtyEight]

  • Look to the future, and think DRAFT! Cheer up with this draft power ranking, and ignore the snide quip directed at the Bruins. [Grantland]

  • Keep your eyes peeled for this stolen Stanley Cup ring. [TheGlobeAndMail]

  • The trend around the NHL in tight races for the playoffs was to strategically go for the guaranteed point rather than play to win outright. [FiveThirtyEight]

  • Now that we have time for arts and crafts, fashion your broken sticks and bent blades into bottle openers! [Imgur, Reddit]

  • Now that the Jets are in the playoffs, we can only hope that fan Isaisah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy) will show up wearing only a snow-white towel. [CBC]

  • The Tennessean thoughtfully gave away a hockey primer chart and "Let's Go Preds" sign to Predators fans, because...  [BarDown]

  • Just say NO to the Olympics in Boston. Everyone knows it takes a dictatorship to host a really good games anyway. [Grantland]