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Zdeno Chara played the last three games of the season on a broken ankle

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

As already noted in links, Zdeno Chara finished out the season with an ankle fracture, and will not be attending Worlds with team Slovakia. We love you, European news sources! His ankle was almost certainly broken during the game against Toronto, when he blocked a shot by noted big-game hunter David Booth.

From our gif recap of the game:

But it quickly came back when Chara came up lame after a shot block.

He barely got back to the bench, but never went down the tunnel because he's a boss.

The Czech paper said recovery would be 2-4 weeks, which means he'll be getting back into game shape soon enough and should be ready for the season. Get well soon, captain. We'll need you next year, probably more than ever.