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Peter Chiarelli meets with Edmonton Oilers front office

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

According to Elliotte Friedman, Peter Chiarelli is in Edmonton today, meeting with the Oilers front office. For those of us who don't keep up-to-date on Oilers news (and who can blame you? Snore!), the Oilers recently put in a new guy at the top of the organization: Bob Nicholson. In the press conference, he made vague references to changing how hockey worked in Edmonton, while also claiming that loyalty was key.

Bob Nicholson was previously President of Hockey Canada, which Chiarelli has worked with in the past. He's now CEO of Edmonton, and he might want to replace Kevin Lowe at President of Hockey Ops or Craig McTavish at General Manager.

It's a long, roundabout way for Peter Chiarelli to finally end up with the first overall pick in the 2010 draft, but he might just pull it off. Enjoy years of trading-away-first-overall-pick jokes and trading-for-Lucic jokes if this happens. Peter would also join former assistant GM Jim Benning, now GM of the Canucks, out west.