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Playoffs return to TD Garden tonight

Elsa/Getty Images

I mean, its not hockey - the Frozen Four already happened - but it is playoffs. The Celtics take on the Cavaliers tonight at home.

How nuts is it that the Bruins didn't make it and the Celtics did? Considering the Bruins would have made the playoffs with that point total in almost any other year, and the Celtics started the year accepting a spot in the lottery, it's pretty nuts.

Oh well, what can you do? At least the St. Louis Blues didn't drop 6 damn goals on the Bruins last night, right? Ha. Just kidding - I'd take getting whomped in game four over losing out in game 82 any day.

Let's see - Bayern (and some other jerks) advanced to the Champion's League semifinal.

David Pastrnak posted a picture on Instagram last night showing off how screwy his teeth got.

OH! And Bergeron is a Selke finalist.

What's on tap?