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Marchand Madness: The Finals!

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Let's finish this - we look at the winner of each region and pick our favorite Marchand moment!

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It all comes down to this. You laughed, you cried, you voted, and now we've come to the Finite Four of our little bracket of hate. Let's not drag this out any further when we're almost done with the regular season, and also it's not March anymore. It's time to decide the victor in the FINAL edition of...


The Finite Four: Our Favorite Marchand Moment

1. Favorite Goal: Embarrassing Matt Cooke

This goal made short work of the overtime goal against Florida earlier this year, to the point where you haven't even thought about it since. It misses you, it's waiting for your call back... Then, this goal took down another overtime winner, this time against Henrik Lundqvist in a tight playoff game. And still, we love seeing former Penguin and current scumbag getting owned on a shift during an important game of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals.

1. Favorite On-Ice Incident: The Sedin Speedbag

It took down a punch to Plekanec, then took out the Swedish flip. We simply could not get enough of the repeated jabs to the face of Daniel Sedin. The game was almost over, and it added little-to-no impact to the game in question. But this simple gesture of one small man imposing his will and fist over another, larger man pretty much defined the series. That and, y'know... Tim Thomas.

1. Favorite SHG: Patience & Skill over Luongo

This goal got to the finals in a couple close matchups. First, defeating an absolute snipe against Carolina. Secondly, taking down one of the greatest individual shorthanded efforts in recent memory. (At least since Blake Wheeler). Now it battles for Marchand Moment supremacy, already known as being one of the best highlights from the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.

3. Favorite Off-Ice Moment: Marchand Works at PureHockey

Admittedly, this was a weak category. But Marchand's acting skills were still noteworthy of being entered into the tourney. Going from 4th line afterthought to household name and commercial star in just over a year is nothing to sneeze at, and Marchand made the most of it - even if he didn't get called back for more spots. But seriously, who can deny Patrice Bergeron?

So which Marchand moment takes the tournament? Pick the Noseface National Champion below!