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Report: Marc Savard Could be traded this offseason to a Cap floor team

Due to how Marc Savard's contract is structured, Elliotte Friedman speculates that the remaining two years left at 525,000 per year could be moved.

Savard's contract is one of the backdiving contracts that the NHL was trying to get away from, which is one reason why he hasnt retired yet. With only two years left on his deal, and at a very cheap actual salary of 525,000 each year Savard is enticing because he carries a 4 million dollar cap hit, which can help teams that need to get to the cap, similar to the Tim Thomas trade to the Islanders a few years ago. Here is a screencap of NHLNumbers cap page for Savard, which has the yearly breakdowns

So what do you think? Would it be nice to not have to do the LTIR dance with Savard? Which team could he potentially be moved to?