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Marchand Madness: The Rational Champion

You voted. Now find out the winner of Marchand Madness!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

After three rounds of reminiscing, the winner of Marchand Madness has been decided. You voted, and it was a tight race between two glorious goals against hated rivals, but by a margin of 1% and just two votes, this winner is...

The Short-handed Luongoal!


I think The Gringo Chaco summed it up best in the comments of the Finite Four post...

Its all about Context

That shorty in game 3 was an absolutely HUGE goal for the Bs, for that series, for the cup. Marchand jumped the play – D Sedin immediately hangs his head and never picks it back up the entire series – makes a fantastic play to himself off the wall while gaining speed and then schools the Selke favorite while deflating Luongo’s tires along the way. Bs down 2 games to 0. Score is precariously 2-0 with the best PP in the NHL trying to turn the momentum.

Marchand strikes and it’s fucking game over. He was a Rookie!

All the other punk stuff is cute – but this shorty is one of the bigger plays that secured a cup!

And what a wonderful moment it was. Let's hope we see a few Marchand goals down the stretch, and *fingers-crossed* some big moments like this into the playoffs.