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Frozen Four fans, Welcome to Boston!

A Hockey Fan's Guide to the city

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Hello and Welcome to Boston! We figured that, as long as you'll be inhabiting our fair city for a little while this week, we should have a guide for how to best spend your time in Boston as a hockey fan. Here's a quick guide

Take a walk!

No, seriously. Boston is a "walking city" and we mean it. Here's a pretty decent loop:

This is about a 5 mile loop, but it takes your from The Gahden, past the statehouse, through the Boston Common twice, and almost all the way to Fenway Park. Feel free to choose a different route, but if it's nice (and it's supposed to be nice enough all weekend) you should take advantage of this opportunity. There's also the Freedom Trail.

Bars near the Gahden

The Fours

The Best Sports Bar in America, per Sports Illustrated in like 2002. Try everything, but signature dishes include the Bobby Orr Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Nachos, Grilled Salmon Salad, and Clam Chowder. Be sure to check whatever the Special of the Day is, as well. This is the best hockey bar in the city, by my estimation. When you do visit, be sure to look around at all of the sweet stuff that's on the walls. Also, don't forget to get a picture with the Hobey Baker:


Right next to the Fours (on one side), this classic local dive will serve up $3 tall boys and funny looks for out-of-towners. No food served. I wouldn't bring my mom here, but if you're looking to get good and roasted before entering the land of 10 dollar beers, you could do a lot worse. Cash only.

Halftime Pizza

I'm not sure if they'll do this for the Frozen Four, but for Bruins games they constantly loop hockey fight videos from the 90s. Get yourself a slice or two the size of your head, and a bucket of beer. The place gets crowded, so get there early or be prepared to eat standing up. There is a second line in the back.

Porters Bar and Grill

A good bar, open late. Once the other place toss you out, make your way over here if you're still up to party.

Boston Beer Works

This Brewpub has pretty dang good food, and their own take on many popular beers. There is an upstairs area with pool tables, as well. The beer is good, and it's made right in the bar.

Good Spots in Boston That Aren't next to the Gahden

Some of these are also bars.


If you're near TD Garden needing a coffee and you want to avoid Dunkin Donuts, you've got a couple of options. First, there's Equal Exchange, which is right on Causeway street. They're a good spot to sit and decompress for a while, or do work if that's something you've got to do while you're here. On the other hand, if you want something that's quick, in and out, and has good snacks to boot, walk down Merrimac street and get coffee and an aussie pie at Cuppacoffee. The pies are unreal, and the place is owned by a guy from Australia who is super nice. Give them your business, for sure.

El Pelon

When 538 conducted their burrito challenge my attention was obviously fixated on the Northeast region. Sure, California has the best burritos in the country but they aren't exactly accessible from Mass. Lo and behold, the best burrito in region can be found in Boston!

To be honest, it's no real surprise. I am a card carrying disciple of El Pelon and you can't beat the El Guapo burrito. El Pelon is the best thing about the Fenway neighborhood so if you find yourself compelled to tour Fenway Park, be sure to stop by for a damn good burrito. The tacos are good too but if it's your first rodeo you have to get the real deal holyfield.

Santarpio's Pizza

A common misconception about Boston (routinely purported by insecure New Yorkers) is that there's no good pizza to be found here. That is a load of garbage. There's plenty of quality pizza to be found here but anyone who's anyone will tell you that the absolute best pizza in Boston is Santarpio's in East Boston. It's a cash-only hole in the wall but it's a friggin' pizza institution and really that's why you're going there right? If you're flying into Boston, you're already in East Boston so why not do your part to dispel the libelous rumor of Boston's lack of good pizza? And if you're not flying in or have to be somewhere ASAP, it's accessible by the Blue Line which kind of looks like a space ship from a 70s sci fi movie, which is a bonus in my book.


Our friends at Eastern Bias are throwing a few events during the Frozen Four, and you should attend. Here they are:

  • Friday after the Hobey Baker ceremony (7pm or so): Party at Punter's Pub. Half of you will be said because your teams lost the night before. The other half will be psyched for the Final the next day. We'll all be appreciating Jack Eichel winning the Hobey Baker. Make sure to enjoy this Northeastern college haunt. I once spent New Year's Eve here. I think it went well. Just a FYI - this is a cash only establishment.
  • Saturday at 2pm before the Final: Party at The Dugout. The Dugout is a dive bar near BU and, as such, is very popular with many BU students. It has a fair amount of history, but mainly it has a cheap pint and friendly face. This will be a pre-game affair, but please stop by before the game. Heck, if you leave early enough it wouldn't be a long walk up to the Gahden for the Final. You could also take the green line directly to North Station. The Dugout is also cash only.
  • Sunday morning after the Final, 10am: A Farewell to the College Hockey Season at the South Street Diner. Nurse your victory hangover, or loss hangover, or neutral hangover, or just enjoy breakfast at a classic Boston diner. I'm not promising that anyone will make a speech, but I am hoping it happens.
  • There are also a bunch of museums and other things to do in Boston, feel free to ask here if you have any questions or need help planning your trip!

    Be sure to also check out SBN College Hockey, who will have exhaustive coverage of the tournament.