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2014-2015 Bruins Player Report Cards: Malcolm Subban

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Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Stats:

Malcolm Subban GP W L OTL SO GAA SV% SA/60
BOS reg season 1 0 1 0 0 5.81 0.500 11.6
PRO reg season 35 16 13 4 3 2.44 0.921 31.1
PRO playoffs 2 1 1 0 0 1.12 0.953

Well that was a disaster

Ahh, the Western Canada swing in February - probably a time that most Bruins fans want to forget. The Bruins took a miserable two OTL points out of that three-game swing. More importantly, immediately following the Western Canada swing, they headed to St. Louis and Chicago to complete their longest road trip of the season.

St. Louis is a Very Good Regular Season Team. Edmonton, not so much. On a five game road trip in a waning season where you still might make the playoffs, wouldn't you probably want your starter to get a little rest against a team that's going to definitely draft in the top five once the season is over?


With Niklas Svedberg battling injury, Malcolm Subban got the callup and met the team in Edmonton. The media went wild. Subban would debut against Edmonton and shine! It was perhaps going to be Boston showcasing him for a trade later in the month! Boston's backlog of goalie prospects would be a bit lighter, but the Bruins could flip him for a defenseman or picks to reload the team for the future!

And yet - when the Bruins took the ice against Edmonton, it was Tuukka Rask in net for his 48th game of the season - a game that ended in an embarrassing shootout loss.

Subban was inexplicably thrown to the wolves in the following game against the Blues instead. He made three saves on six shots and was yanked after 31 minutes. Not really the best way to build a young goaltender's confidence, Bruins. He was relegated to Providence once the road trip ended and Svedberg was back to full health - just in time for Svedberg to start the second post-roadtrip home game against the Devils...and lose.

What a miserable season.

Providence Adventures

Subban had a pretty mediocre season in Providence this year, with 16 wins in 35 starts. He did worse than his goaltending partner Jeremy Smith, who started four more games and allowed three fewer goals overall. Paired with a fairly low-powered offense (Providence was 20th overall in goals for, but 8th overall in fewest goals allowed), Smith and Subban helped drag the team into the playoffs, where they lost in the first round.

But, you know, he had some adventures with David Pastrnak while Pasta was in the A, so...there's that, I guess.

Conclusion/Grade: C+

Would this grade have been higher if Subban had started against Edmonton? Probably. Is he ready to be a full-time NHL backup? I'm not entirely sure. Do we have a choice now that Svedberg has run off to the KHL? Probably not. It's entirely possible that the Bruins will sign a veteran backup for Rask and give Subban a chance to redeem himself next year in the AHL, but...I could easily see them giving him the NHL backup job, as well - they did it for Svedberg after Sveddie's mediocre adventure in Providence in 2013-2014, so why not Subban?