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Fresh Links: до свидания Edition

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A calculated move by Niklas Svedberg to advance his career takes him to the KHL.

Good luck, Niklas Svedberg, and we'll see you back later in the NHL.
Good luck, Niklas Svedberg, and we'll see you back later in the NHL.
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, a goalie has got to do what he's got to do.

  • Niklas Svedberg is taking steps to see that he will get more playing time, and will spend a season in the KHL. [BostonHerald]

  • Meanwhile, Don Sweeney is acting as the Bruins interim General Manager. If the shoe fits...[WEEI]

  • Institutional knowledge is something that Sweeney brings to the table, and just like Peter Chiarelli, he came to the NHL through Harvard. [SouthCoastToday]

  • There was a meeting between Sweeney and Claude Julien, and that sounds like good news for the coach's tenure. [BostonHerald]

  • It is hard to grade an incomplete season, but there was a lot to like in Brett Connolly 's brief tenure with the Bruins so far. [HockeyBuzz]

  • And yet again, Patrice Bergeron has been the Bruin that makes all the other Bruins better. [CausewayCrowd]

  • One moment leaps to mind as arguably the iconic image by which all Boston sports moments are measured. [THeBostonGlobe]

  • Meanwhile, at Worlds, Torey Krug and Team USA join Team Czech Republic in reaching the quarterfinals... [Freep]

  • ... and although he did fly home to watch, David Pastrnak was not chosen to play for his country. (Google translation from Czech)[Sport.TN.Nova]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • This intriguing proposed rule change is designed to allow hockey coaches to actually effect a meaningful game-tying play after calling their only time-out. [TheBostonGlobe]

  • In another modest proposal, maybe player health and safety along with game quality would be improved by (gasp) shortening the season. [EdmontonJournal]

  • Things are heating up in the series between the Rangers / Capitals and also the Ducks / Flames . Fred Shero's first move as the Devils ' GM, and more observations on reasons behind Svedberg's calculated move. [DobberSports]

  • The Senators newest acquisition, Boston University's Matt O'Connor , names Andrew Ference as an inspiration for his intellectual pursuits. [TheHockeyNews]

  • Dig into Thirty Thoughts for the Mike Babcock buzz. [SportsNet]

  • The Canadiens steep themselves awfully deep in musty history, is this the year they finally get to enjoy the present? [Grantland]

  • Enjoy a few well-intentioned but headscratch-worthy Jersey Fouls.[PuckDaddy]