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Matt Lindblad didn't play much in 2014-15

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Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The Stats

League GP G A TP PIM
NHL Reg 2 0 0 0 0
AHL Reg 47 9 13 22 6
AHL Playoffs 3 0 0 0 0

Matty Doesn't Play

Matt Lindblad played the fewest minutes of anyone who put on the Black and Gold in an NHL game this season. Even Malcolm Subban, who was pulled halfway through his one game, had more time on ice. Matt Lindblad had 16 whole minutes on NHL ice. In that time, the Bruins were not scored on, nor did they score. He played just over 7 minutes against Detroit and Montreal. It didn't amount to much. However, I must point out that in that extremely small sample size, Lindblad was good.

Down on the farm

Matt Lindblad made it into 47 games in Providence (out of 76 games in the AHL season) and his 22 points leaves him with 0.47 ppg. This is good for 13th on the Providence Bruins, and is only behind 2 defensemen.

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Our Grades

Sarah Mike Leonard Cornelius Dan CrzyCanucklehed Nolan Cardwell Gus
B- C+ B+ C+ C C C-

Final Grade: C+

I know I gave a better grade, but the mob has spoken. And, after a more in-depth look, I guess I can't disagree. Matt Lindblad wasn't asked to do a lot, and he did it admirably. Unfortunately, he was only asked to do so much because he's just not there yet. And at age 25, this may be the best Matt Lindblad we're going to see.