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David Warsofsky's Story: A tale of Bus Trips And Press Box Dinners

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The Marshfield, MA native can't find consistent minutes in Boston.

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2014-2015 NHL Season 4 0 1 1 7
2014-2015 AHL Season 40 4 11 15 104
2014-2015 AHL Playoffs 5 0 1 1 14

Chillin' With Haggs:

Warsofsky played in a whopping 4 NHL games this year - which if you're into interesting facts and tidbits, is 4 more than I'll ever play in at that level.

The BU Terrier alum logged 71:02 minutes - 57:56 (81%) at 5-on-5 - while tossing in an assist - his lone point on the year - against Edmonton on November 6th. Ironically, it was the same game in which he injured his shoulder, in turn marking the end to his brief 2014-2015 NHL cameo.

Warsofsky, in his limited minutes, had the highest 5v5 FF% of any B's defenseman (53.4) and led in FA/60 at 35.21. Again, it's an incredibly small sample size, but it's still indicative that he has something to offer at the next level.

Oh, Joy, I'm Back In Providence:

Warsofsky suited up 45 times for the P-Bruins, which includes all 5 of their Calder Cup quarterfinal games against the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Warsofsky ranked first among P-Bruins defensemen in shots (104), and placed sixth overall on the team. His .38 points-per-game were a stark drop-off from last year's AHL campaign (.57), although some of that likely has to do with Providence's overall scoring diminishing as well as Warsofsky's shooting percentage shrinking from 4.4% to 3.8%. Plus, like, homes was hurt. So don't completely give up on him just yet.

Our Grades:

Sarah Mike Cornelius Dan Chris Ya Boy Gus
B- C+ B B B- B+ D+

Final Grade: B-

I shot a little higher than the norm when evaluating Warsofsky this year, and after looking at where he ranked in the minds of my SCOC peers, a B- seems fair. He's a more skilled player than the Adam McQuaid's and Kevan Miller's of the world, so it'd be nice to see him get more of a chance to earn a full-time spot. However, it's also quite likely the organization would feel uneasy rolling out Torey Krug and Warsofsky at the same time. After all, this is a team that gave Gregory Campbell powerplay minutes.

Perhaps Warsofsky needs to look beyond the pastures of his hometown team if he dreams of making an impact in the NHL. Or he can stay here and become the organization's Providence-Boston shuttle-bitch. Which, he doesn't deserve, but at the end of the day it's his life and he can make his own decisions.