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Don Sweeney named General Manager of the Bruins

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Don Sweeney has been officially announced as the eigth General Manager of the Boston Bruins. Don is one of 4 players to don the Black and Gold for more than 1000 regular season games, coming in 3rd on the all-time list behind John Bucyk and Ray Bourque. The Bruins rejoin the long list of teams bringing back a fan-favorite player to run hockey operations.

Don's relevant front office experience amounts to being in the Bruins front office from 2006 to the present. He was Director of Player Development from 2006-2010, when he was named assistant General Manager. Just because he's worked all of his front-office time under Chiarelli does not make him a Chiarelli clone, however - just look at Teddy Roosevelt and Taft.

We'll have some more coverage soon.

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