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IndyCah is coming to Boston!

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U.S. Navy/Getty Images

Good morning, folks. Yesterday, it was officially announced that IndyCar will be holding a race in Boston next year. Specifically, they'll be down at the Seaport next Labor Day weekend. Here's the course, as pulled from

Here's that same course, but drawn out on Google Maps. I tried to approximate it:

It'll be a three-day racing extravaganza, ending with the Grand Prix of Boston. This will also be the last race of the season for IndyCar, so a champion will be crowned (if not already decided). Should be pretty exciting stuff! Your pals at Stanley Cup of Motor Oil will definitely be in attendance to yell over engine noises, etc.

There's no confirmation that the MBTA will hold a bus race, but we can dream.

This is way better than the Summer Olympics because it won't ruin traffic for weeks and it doesn't involved knocking over some hundred+ year old trees in order to build a beach volleyball pit. But I digress.

Should be a pretty exciting thing for Boston!