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Fresh Ink Edition

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Was a family event behind the new tattoo?

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Shoot, SCORE! Milan Lucic
Shoot, SCORE! Milan Lucic
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Someone had something to celebrate:

  • Milan Lucic had some ink done, the cyrillic text translates to Valentina and Nikolina.  It looks like Lucic daughter #2 has been born? [NorthEndWaterfront]

  • See David Pastrnak interacting with a mime in Prague earlier this month during Worlds.  [Instagram]

  • Better, stronger, faster. Kevan Miller is determined to be ready for training camp.  [Bruins.NHL]

  • There are some new faces joining the familiar ones here in Kirk Luedeke's comprehensive prospect report.  [Bruins.NHL]

  • Adam McQuaid 's camp reamins hopeful that the defenseman will come to an agreement with the Bruins.  [ProHockeyTalk]

  • Derek Sanderson will be featured in a new NBC Sports Film production titled "Center of Attention: The Unreal Life of Derek Sanderson," which will debut on June 8th immediately following SCF Game #3.  [KuklasKorner]

  • Ryan Donato will continue his development by playing and studying at Harvard.  [NESN]

  • Resign yourself to the likelihood that we will bid farewell to the Most Interesting Bruin, Carl Soderberg , as skilled centers will go for a premium in the NHL this season.  [HockeyBuzz]

  • This comprehensive proposal offers an opinion on who's a keeper, who needs to go, and which player is the "canary in the coal mine" of the New-Look Bruins.  [TSN]

  • Keeping busy in the off-season, Rene Rancourt sang the national anthem at a Natick baseball game fundraising for a child battling cancer.  [FraminghamPatch]

  • Resilient Simon Gagne has not entirely given up on his career. Stand by!  [TheScore]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • And the Western Conference Final has gone to a Game #7 between the The Blackhawks and Ducks because of COURSE IT DOES.  [ChicagoSunTimes]

  • Celebrate the above reality in this gallery of the ten best conference finals, pay special attention to #2 and #9.  [SportsIllustrated]

  • Get to know the folks behind General Fanager, the site that is the heir apparent to the beloved CapGeek.  [SportsNet]

  • How is the view from the NHL's "coaching carousel?"  [TSN]

  • Pssst! It looks like Peter DeBoer is headed for the Sharks .  [ESPN]

  • Playoff hockey would be so much more fun with British announcers, wouldn't it?  Case in point is this footy-style call on Andrew Shaw 's header no-goal from the WCF Game #2.  [Thornography.WEEI]

  • The Brits have history with hockey, you know... I say, look here to see some Olde Tymey British hockey!  [BarDown]

  • If every pro sports teams' logos were condensed into one image to represent their city, they might look like these.  [BarDown]

  • As part of their bid to land an NHL team, Quebec City must bid adieu to the historied, old Colisee (former home of the Nordiques) in favor of a new arena.  [TheGlobeAndMail]

  • What bigger indicator of the recent growth in women's hockey could there be than the inaugural camp held by Team USA?  [TeamUSA]

  • Coming back after concussion, student athlete and Olympian Josephine Pucci of Harvard faced tough choices. Was it worth it to risk her academic career and health to play hockey? [TheCrimson]