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Fresh Links: Fourth Edition

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May the fourth be with you!

Team USA is getting a good dose of Torey Krug's talent
Team USA is getting a good dose of Torey Krug's talent
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins hope to find their new GM in one final quartet of candidates...

  • And then there were four... a second round of interviews for the vacant GM position leaves four candidates still in the running. [TheScore]

  • Loui Eriksson netted two goals in Team Sweden's win over Team Austria. []

  • Did you see Team USA beat Team Finland on Friday? How about that Steve Moses footwork- and Torey Krug 's assists! Here's the GIF recap (and remember the name Stephanie Vail for later...) []

  • And then they toppled Team Norway on Saturday, a Torey Krug shot was tipped in by Brock Nelson in the second period. Bonus: more capsules recapping other tournament results. [NHL]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Stephanie Vail (@myregularface) is a Bruins fan who has a real flair for hockey GIFs.  She is finally receiving some well-earned recognition for her work. [TorontoSun]

  • The alleged swindle that cost several NHLers their investment nest eggs is going to federal court today, as Phil Kenner and Tommy Constantine answer charges of fraud. [NYDailyNews]

  • And in what seems to be a case that would merit leniency at the Junior A level, a coach pocketed a player's non-refundable fees even though the youth was too ill to play. [CBC]

  • The Undefeated: Team USA Sled hockey has taken the world championship. [TheHockeyNews]

  • One pair of Team USA players came to sled hockey only after a serious accident left them unable to pursue wrestling. [BuffaloNews]

  • Now that we're into post-season wound licking, here's a brief primer on common hockey injuries. [SportingNews]

  • Nontraditional hockey markets can look to the Anaheim Ducks for an inspirational example. [CBC]

  • Your guilty pleasure- the TV show "Wife Swap" paired a Goth family with a hockey family. (Video, 20:42) [YouTube]

  • Stormy weather? Despite the Bettman's assurances, the future of the Carolina Hurricanes is still in question. [NewsObserver]