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Fresh Links: Waiting Game Edition

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Come ON, Capitals, do us a solid, here!

A peek from underneath the passing Bruins flag.
A peek from underneath the passing Bruins flag.
Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins are still left awaiting the Rangers elimination in order to speak to Jeff Gorton.

  • Carl Soderberg... yay or nay on being re-signed? Debate amongst yourselves. [TheHockeyWriters]

  • Team USA loss to Belarus? BAD. Torey Krug goal? GOOD! [NESN]

  • But good on Belarus and their Canadian-born goalie for not being pushovers.  [SportingNews]

  • You can just cool your heels on the General Manager decision until the Rangers finish up their playoff run... and maybe get a one-two punch announcement out of it? [CausewayCrowd]

  • As for fixing perceived problems, the Bruins are already using a sledgehammer to swat a housefly, and Cam Neely doth protest too much. [HockeyBuzz]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Just North of the border, the new Videotron Centre apporaches completion. Let's have a look, eh?  [TheHockeyNews]

  • Dig into this post crunching the numbers on defensemen around the league, and looking at "headline data" skewing player valuation. Judge for yourself, the author offers a link to his compiled raw data.  [WingingItInMotown]

  • Bittersweet billeting: The dreams of a Junior AAA goalie are about to take wing as he is drafted into the USHL, but he must sadly leave behind his billet family, who embraced both their player and the game of hockey. [FoxSports]

  • Healing wishes to the Bettman, who is recovering from a "lower-body injury."  [CBC]

  • Save percentage looks to correlate with the finalists and eventual Stanley Cup winner, at least in recent years. Here are the rankings, look for yourself!  [HockeyImpact]

  • Last night's win aside, the Canadiens are in a hole that is easily explained by the numbers. [SportsNet]

  • Dig into some good news about hockey players managing their wealth. Take it from Derek Sanderson, kids, booze and drugs are NOT a good investment! [MoneySense]