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Fresh Links: Intermission Edition

Patrice Bergeron reminds us that it has been two months without Bruins hockey.

And who are you wearing? Patrice Bergeron, gussied up for the NHL Awards.
And who are you wearing? Patrice Bergeron, gussied up for the NHL Awards.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images


  • Caryn Switaj caught up with Patrice Bergeron, who was being fitted for a suit to wear to the NHL Awards. Has it really been two months since we've seen the Bruins on ice? (Video, 3:10)  [Bruins.NHL]

  • The Oilers are looking hard at an offer sheet for Dougie Hamilton. Just have a look at his numbers, which are decidedly above average.  [EdmontonJournal]

  • Even if the Bruins could free up money for Milan Lucic, should they? His recent numbers have been declining.  [TSN]

  • The Bruins can borrow from the Blackhawks' playbook to get ahead: The recipe for success is fairly straightforward, at least in concept.  []

  • This gallery of goalie masks features that of the Bruins' Tuukka Rask in all its ivory-clawed glory among the fifteen best. [FoxSports]

  • Have a listen to this podcast about the Bruins' options in the NHL Draft, and players that would make good targets.  (Audio, 26:45)  [NESN]

  • The Bruins are still in contention for the Stanley Cup next season, Las Vegas bookmakers say so. Book it.  [CausewayCrowd]

  • Students at Cheshire Elementary School enjoyed a visit from Blades and the gift of gym hockey equipment as the result of a letter-writing appeal for donations in the wake of yet more educational cuts.  [BerkshireEagle]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The Blackhawks almost didn't get to lift the Stanley Cup at home- a police escort at warp speed was required.  [Grantland]

  • Coach Joel Quenneville's house received the customary decoration post win...  [WGNTV]
  • It is always darkest before the dawn, Lightning .  Katie Baker visited their dressing room after Game #6.  [Grantland]
  • Have a chuckle at the  [Blackhawks] and  [Lightning] rosters mixed up as anagrams, cleverly compiled by [@NearIdleLark]

  • Geoff Ward has bolted his championship Adler Mannheim team for an assistant coaching position with the New Jersey Devils. (Google translation from German)  [Kicker]

  • In closing, here's the Stanely Cup Final closing montage... enjoy! (Video, 4:03)  [TheScore]

"There goes Joe Haggerty..." the farther, the better.