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Report: P-Bruins sign Max Iafrate, son of the skullet

Random signing, but interesting nevertheless.

Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

This didn't really register with anyone, but apparently the Providence Bruins have signed D Max Iafrate to a contract, according to the Kitchener Rangers' Twitter account. Max is the son of former Bruin D Al Iafrate.

Iafrate has played for Kitchener since 2011. Kitchener will be coached this year by Mike Van Ryn, who was once put through the glass by Milan Lucic. See?! It's all related!

Iafrate is a bit of a journeyman prospect at this point. He's 21 years old, first draft eligible in 2012. He wasn't selected, despite being a 6'2" defenseman with a decent NHL pedigree.

He was signed by Lake Erie last year, where he played in one game. Apparently he was then returned to the OHL for this season, but has now aged out (you can play through your 20-year-old season). He was invited to Washington's camp in the past as well.

What kind of player is he? From Kitchener's website:

"Iafrate is an energetic defenseman who plays a physical game in front of his team's net and likes to deliver big open ice hits. He can also be counted on for his big shot and his ability to carry the puck out of his team's zone."

Big hits AND puck possession?! He's a fancy stats/old school hybrid!

Iafrate had 38 points in 65 games for Kitchener this season. He chipped in 141 penalty minutes too (yikes).

Seems like the P-Bruins are taking a chance on him, and he could provide defensive depth and some GRIT®, if nothing else. This could be the kid's last chance in the North American pros, so let's hope he runs with it.

Here's Al Iafrate and his glorious skullet, just because.