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Zane McIntyre To Sign 2 year entry level deal

Goalie depth is key, and the Bruins have that moving forward

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

From the Bruins webite, Zane McIntyre has 'agreed to sign' a 2 year Entry Level Contract

This is only slightly different than most entry level deals, which are 3 years in term. McIntyres 2 year term is tied to his age, which is currently 22. He could have become a college free agent, as outlined in this previous post, so signing with the Bruins was not guaranteed.

This also brings up the question of who the Bruins will keep moving forward, with Rask, 2012 first round pick Malcolm Subban, and the sixth round gem in McIntyre. The Bruins have already committed long term to Rask, so you would assume that one of the prospects will be moved. Who do you think should be moved out?