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What's the best 3v3 OT lineup for the Bruins?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

At around 8pm tonight, Bob McKenzie dropped the bomb:

The NHL, if the Board of Governors doesn't mess this up, would go to a 5 minute 3-on-3 OT instead of the 5 minute 4-on-4 OT this upcoming season. Granted, this is the same board of governors that has Jeremy Jacobs as Chairman, but still - this should be a slam dunk. So, assuming that Santa Claus is real and dreams do come true, who should the Bruins run out for this 3-on-3 wide-open bonanza? Here are my suggestions:

First trio: Patrice Bergeron - Brad Marchand - Dougie Hamilton

This is pretty much a no-brainer. Bergeron and Marchand make music together that puts certain symphonies to shame. (YEAH I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU, COLUMBUS INDIANA PHILHARMONIC). The speed, the skill, the sheer terror in Roberto Luongo's eyes...memories. Anyhow, those two are an obvious choice. We probably should have a defenseman in there too, and why not Dougie Hamilton? He's our best defenseman and he'll be ready to make an impact with a nice long deal signed soon (right? RIGHT?). It'll stomp 'em.

Second Trio: Ryan Spooner - David Pastrnak - Zdeno Chara

So the New Jersey Devils or whoever have managed to survive the Bergeron-Marchand-Hamilton onslaught for 45 seconds. Over the boards comes two lightning fast kids with wits like crazy, and the single best defenseman of the last decade. Call it "Battleship Group Chara" if you'd like. These three players think the game really well. They've all got crazy skill. We all know about David Pastrnak the Legend, and Ryan Spooner the kid, and Chara has really unreal hands. The average fan may not realize it because he's so damn big, but look at this:

I rest my case.

Third Trio: Loui Eriksson - David Krejci - Torey Krug

If the Bergeron-Marchand-Hamilton and Spooner-Pastrnak-Chara trios don't get the job done, it's time for the two-time playoff-leading scorer and the terror of Madison Square Garden to get together. Honestly, you could swap in Reilly Smith or Brett Connolly here, or (knowing Claude) Chris Kelly, but it's the third combo - the game will be over already.

That's what I'd do, anyways. You be the Claude: Who are your trios?