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Dougie Hamilton wanted 6.5m for 7 years, reports Oilers Radio host Bob Stauffer

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There are a lot of rumors of what Dougie Hamilton's side of the deal wanted in the negotiations (such as they were). On Friday, Bob Stauffer had this to say about it on his radio show, while he had Elliotte Friedman on. (It's at about 3:20 or so of this clip):

Bob Stauffer:  We're talking Dougie Hamilton. You look at Hamilton and he's basically looking for the Alex Pietrangelo contract.

Elliotte Friedman: Yep

Bob: Which is, what - 7 years at 6.5 million bucks. That's 45 million dollars. Would be a lot of money for him.

This was recorded at about 2:30pm on Friday, for reference. If that's really what Boston turned down, it's really bad. For reference, Alex Pietrangelo was Dougie's teammate in Juniors on the Niagara IceDogs, and is a very successful defenseman in St. Louis.

They go a little more in depth when Bob is a caller on a different show, the clip is here, it's at about 26:00 that they're discussing it.

(Ed. Note: our transcriber originally put "7 million years" and has been fired.)