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Zac Rinaldo acquired by Don Sweeney for our next GM's 2017 3rd round draft pick

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins announced today that they've lit another draft pick on fire to get Zac Rinaldo onto the Providence Bruins. It's gotta be the Providence Bruins, right? Man.

What the hell is Don Sweeney thinking? Is he just trying to ruin things for the next guy to take the reigns at this point? He has to be, right? Here's the tweet:

Make no mistake, Zac Rinaldo is a terrible player who likes to sit in the penalty box for long stretches at a time. Get ready to get a lot of PK time, and looking at our defensive depth, get scored on a lot.

It's official. The Bruins are tanking this year. Better get used to it, I guess. Of course, they won't do it for real and remove Bergeron, etc. And they signed the crappy defensemen for too long.

Seriously, Zac Rinaldo makes Shawn Thornton and Gregory Campbell look like competent, disciplined hockey hockey players.