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Dougie Hamilton signs for 6 years, 5.75 million per year in Calgary

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Well, the day is here. Calgary has signed Dougie Hamilton and as expected it is in the 7-8 million ra- WHAT?

5.75 million bucks would have done it? That's completely reasonable. And if the Bruins offered the rumored 5.5 million, then what was the counteroffer that made them go "Uh, nah." Is Don Sweeney just afraid to put in the work to make that deal happen before signing day? Or maybe Cam Neely is? Did he, whoever is steering this ship, really have to lock up easily replaceable players in decline?

Everything about this is mystifying to me. That's an Adam McQuaid and a Chris Kelly. It's cheaper than Seidenberg and McQuaid! Something about this whole situation stinks to high holy heaven. Do the Bruins really think that seniority is the only thing that matters when it comes to contracts, and if so do they realize that they're dealing with professional athletes and they peak in their mid-20s?