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Fresh Links: Free The Yeti Edition

Thanks, and good luck, Carl Soderberg, we so enjoyed having you in Black and Gold.

Carl Soderberg on the boards
Carl Soderberg on the boards
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

<p><b> It looks like we've got some catching up to do, so let's get to it!  </b></p>
<li>  The Bruins will move forward without the one-eyed Yeti, Carl Soderberg , who is about to get paid. The good news is simply that they can, as they have other options.  [<a href="">TheBostonGlobe</a>]</li>
<li>  Soderberg's erstwhile partner Loui Eriksson remains cost effective and quietly competent. Maybe this year he'll get some respect.  [<a href="">WEEI</a>]</li>
<li>  If only he could also step up in the postseason again... Brad Marchand has been solid otherwise. Maybe with Eriksson on his right wing...? [<a href="">HockeyBuzz</a>]</li>
<li>  Don Sweeney is not about to abandon defense first as a strategy, and is looking closely at individual player performances to see why scoring was lacking.  [<a href="">NESN</a>]</li>
<li>  Special Teams were anything but for the Bruins this season, where inconsistency was rampant.  [<a href="">NESN</a>]</li>
<li>  The Bruins remain among the top five NHL teams in fan loyalty, but have dropped in the rankings from last year. [<a href="">MediaPost</a>]</li>
<p><b> Elsewhere around the rink: </b></p>
<li>  Saturday's SCF game was notable for Ben Bishop and his backup Andrei Vasilevskiy doing an extenced do-si-do in the third period, among other things. The Bolts are now up 2 games to 1 on the Blackhawks.  [<a href="">Grantland</a>]</li>
<li>  Wonder what a non-traditional market NHL expansion team success story looks like? Look at Tampa Bay.  [<a href="">TheGlobeAndMail</a>]</li>
<li>  Jack Eichel presented Don Cherry with a small gift and a gentle snipe during Grapes' interview with the top prospects.  (Video, 6:1)  [<a href="">Sportsnet</a>]</li>
<li>  Eichel faces a tough decision between playing one more year at Boston University and going pro. He cites a feeling of unfinished business after last year's Frozen Four.  [<a href="">TheBostonGlobe</a>]</li>
<li>  Dig into Thirty Thoughts, and skip to #16 through #20 for Bruins stuff, including the surprising names of Soderberg comparables.  [<a href="">Sportsnet</a>]</li>
<li>  "Goon: Last of the Enforcers" will feature Elisha Cuthbert (Mrs. Dion Phaneuf ) playing the sister of  Doug Glatt's girlfriend, Eva.  [<a href="">HollywoodReporter</a>]</li>
<li>  Listen Up! Neil Peart of the band Rush playing "The Hockey Theme." Check out his Original Six cap. Also, a chance to win a photo op with his custom NHL drum kit. (Video, 1:02)  [<a href="">BarDown</a>] Summer bonus: Peart likes to hit the road as hard as his drums. [<a href="">andyw-inuk, SmugMug</a>]</li>
<li>  Doc Emrick's inspiration still calls hockey games at age 89- meet Bob Chase.  [<a href="">SportsIllustrated</a>] And Emrick is no slouch, himself... [<a href="">ChicagoTribune</a>]</li>
<li>  It is about time for the Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2015 to be announced, here are some good candidates.  [<a href="">GreatestHockeyLegends</a>]</li>
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