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Wednesday Morning Skate: Turning the tide?

A good Bruins trade?!?! And free agency starts today.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Are things starting to turn around in the Don Sweeney Era? Yesterday's Martin Jones trade means the haul for pending UFA Milan Lucic is now two first-round picks and two prospects. Not bad. (Though the retaining salary part still stings.)

Kevin Bieksa got traded last night, to Anaheim. The Brandon Saad-to-Columbus trade was pretty shocking too. Seems like the Blackhawks chose guys like Sharp and Seabrook over a young star in the making. Say, where have I seen that before...?

Also, it's July 1: Happy Overpayment Day! Free agency begins today, and surely there will be several guys signing contracts that are way more expensive than they should be. Use restraint, Don.

What's on tap?