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Bruins Acquire Jimmy Hayes for Reilly Smith, Marc Savard's Contract

Trade call still pending, but Smith is heading to Florida in seemingly a cap move.

Hey, I'll see you in a few months Louie.
Hey, I'll see you in a few months Louie.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Pierre LeBrun is reporting that Reilly Smith is heading to Florida, with a return of Jimmy Hayes coming up to Boston.

The trade call is still pending, and more details are still to come. Also confirmed by LeBrun is that Marc Savard's contract is also heading to Florida, sending over $4 million out of town.

Smith is about to start a two-year extension paying him $3.425M per season through the end of 2017. Hayes, 25, is currently an RFA coming off a 19-16-35 season.

We'll follow up as we hear more.