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Jakub Zboril signs Contract with Bruins

This kid is ready for Cuts for a Cause!
This kid is ready for Cuts for a Cause!
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

13th overall pick Jakob Zboril signed his entry-level contract today. The Bruins must have liked how he played during development camp. We don't have any terms yet, though it cannot exceed three years and 925k salary and cap hit. However, if he plays in major junior again this year it of course won't count. This is pretty likely, unless he really wows the team management this week and possibly at training camp.

From the post CrzyCanucklehead did during the draft, here is how the Czech defenseman projects:

Here are some Sea Dogs highlights, set to Papa Roach:

And here he is getting drafted:

As with all ELCs, pretty low risk and decent chance of reward.