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2016 Winter Classic: Press event pictures provide a jersey clue

The Bruins are holding a press event today to kick off the 2016 Winter Classic hype machine. Pictures from the event have revealed the logos, which give clues to what the jerseys may look like.

Connor Lannon

The Bruins are holding a press event at Gillette Stadium today (not like there's anything else going on down there, right?) to promote/kick off the hype for the 2016 Winter Classic.

What's the best part about being in another Winter Classic? MORE JERSEYS!

Pictures from the event have been trickling in via Twitter, and they revealed something big: the logos that both the B's and the Habs will (presumably) be sporting during the game.

Old school!

The Bruins' logo is (essentially) the same one the team used from 1924-1926. Via the NHL Uniform Database:

The Canadiens' logo is white in the picture. Again, via the NHL Uniform Database, the Habs had a white logo from 1922-1924:

We did some musing about potential Winter Classic jerseys a few months back, and while neither of these were in that article, the same "old school" spirit is there.

It's hard to say whether or not these will be the actual jerseys, or if the teams will apply some modern tweaks to them. The 2010 jersey, for example, used the 1948-1949 logo and put it on a different era's jersey.

If the jerseys do remain true to the logos used, however, this is what we could be seeing on the ice at Gillette: