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A Marc Savard appreciation post

He wasn't coming back to play for the Bruins, but last week's trade of Marc Savard's contract marks the end of an era.

Elsa/Getty Images

The return of native son Jimmy Hayes and the shipping-out of Reilly Smith were the biggest parts of last Wednesday's Bruins-Panthers trade, but there was a footnote: the trading of Marc Savard (really, of Marc Savard's contract), marking the end of Savard's nearly nine-year tenure with the team.

Savard wasn't going to play for the Bruins again. But the symbolic trade of his contract marks the end of an era of sorts, officially closing the book on one of the more talented players the Bruins have had in quite some time.

The acquisition of Savard was one part of what one could argue was one of the most franchise-altering days in Bruins history: July 1, 2006, when the Bruins signed both Savard and Zdeno Chara on the opening day of free agency.

Savard had some huge years as a Bruin, especially his 96-point season on a terrible, terrible 2006-2007 Bruins team. However, his career was cut short by noted garbage hockey player Matt Cooke, and while he made a few comeback attempts, Savard played his last professional hockey game in 2011.

With Savard's time as a Bruin officially over and nothing else going on in Bruins-land (yet), let's take a look back at some great Savard moments.

Marc Savard frequently made passes like this

No-look, tape-to-tape pass across the ice. Man.

Remember this OT goal against Philly in his first game back post-concussion?

The celebration was equally fantastic

Five-point games were a thing that happened.

That team was so, so, so bad.

He once got a David Krejci jersey for Christmas.

What an actor.

He did not like Sean Avery.

Ahhhh, the "BRAVE STEVE" game.

His first playoff goal was huge: an OT-winner in that memorable first-round '08 series

He was very good on some bad Bruin teams.

305 points in 304 regular season games. Savard also scored 22 points in 25 playoffs games. He was an extremely consistent performer.

Marc Savard ruled. Good luck in "Florida."