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Take a walk around Toronto with new Bruin Brett Connolly

Working the netfront. Brett Connolly
Working the netfront. Brett Connolly
Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

In today's NHL spotlight- the Boston Bruins.

  • To begin, an overview of recent changes with a quick analysis of roster losses and additions.  (Video, 4:45) [NHL]

  • The Bruins mixed things up a bit this off-season, but their target remains unchanged- a berth in the playoffs.  [NHL]

  • One work in progress remains filling gaps left by some now former Bruins. (Video, 4.45)  [NHL]

  • Cheer up, help is coming down the Bruins' prospect pipeline, including these top 5 standouts... [NHL]

  • ..and we'll always have Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask . [NHL]

  • The new NHL trend is defense triggering offense, zone entry and odd-man rushes will be key. Can the Bruins get with the program? [CausewayCrowd]

  • With changing needs on defense, Zach Trotman can build on his good work from last season.  [ProHockeyTalk]

  • Brett Connolly is the first Bruin to be featured on this season's #BearTracks, and spoke about his desire for a fresh start and a chance to help his new team. [Bruins.NHL]

  • He took (his Boston Red Sox hat and) the #BearTracks crew on a brief tour of his neighborhood. (Video, 1:35)  [Bruins.NHL]

  • Connolly gave a tour of his summer residence. His girlfriend has a great sense of humor, and he has a very practical use for his small balcony. (Video, 3:01) [Bruins.NHL]

  • He then answered the (serious) questions that fans Tweeted in. (Video, 2:10) (What could go wrong? Check today's Tweet Salad for some of the questions that were pruned from the list...) [Bruins.NHL]

  • Look back at one key decision that helped set up the Bruins for their 2010-11 success, the decision to re-sign Mark Recchi . [ScoutingPost]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • It was a bold gambit by Andrew Ference that brought him to the attention of NHL General Managers after he was bypassed by Central Scouting. Well played, sir. [CausewayCrowd]

  • If each NHL team could sculpt a Mount Rushmore... [ESPN]

  • How do you like your schadenfreude? Ty Anderson projects a longtime Bruins rival team set for a drop in performance this year, despite their elite goaltender. [HockeyBuzz]

  • In OTHER EA Sports NHL16 news, the Be A Pro mode has been changed to reflect a player's on-ice style. (With video)  [TheHockeyNews]

  • Former Bruin Johnny Boychuk is one of the new benchmark players among defensemen. Enjoy the illustrating photo. [TSN]

  • Take a look back, at what was predicted as the future of hockey waaaaay back in 1967... [BarDown]

  • This senior player from Duluth still laces' em up at 94, and has a characture of himself drawn by Charles Schultz as a bonus.  [People]

  • Washington State has passed flawed legislation to allow the WHL to avoid paying players a minimum wage, despite the opposition of their own assistant attorney general. [TSN]

  • These five products meant to revolutionize the game of hockey instead died quiet deaths.  [OriginalStix]

Joe Haggerty can kiss our ass