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Shuffling Forward

So many centers and forwards, only four lines

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I don't imagine they'll mess with this pairing. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand
I don't imagine they'll mess with this pairing. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

How will the Bruins make the most of all the possible combinations?

  • Here's one take on shuffling the available forwards into lines for the Bruins. Balance is the key.  [HockeyBuzz]

  • This would be the year for Kevan Miller to make his mark... but there are younger options nipping at his heels, as he approaches free agency.  [FoxSports]

  • There is some irony having projected Miller to be Adam McQuaid 's replacement. [WEEI]

  • Max Talbot also found time to offer his expertise in a reality TV show that offers young Canadian Aboriginal hockey players a sort of boot camp to prepare for Junior team auditions.   [WetaskiwinTimes]

  • Take a look under the hood of Jeremy Lauzon , who appears to be a player in the "Big, Bad Bruins" mold.  [CausewayCrowd]

  • Has summer's humid heat got you down? The Bruins are selling tickets! COOL!  [SouthCoastToday]

  • The Bruins owe a debt of gratitude to the OHL London Knights, who have produced a number of NHLers, including a bunch of Bruins.  [CausewayCrowd]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Here's a primer on the Individual Point Percentage statistic. A sharp GM can use it to buy low and sell high on players.  [TSN]

  • But sports analytics can be used for more than personnel decisions, some metrics can be monitored to help prevent injury.  [WashingtonPost]

  • Some theaters in Russia have declined to show the movie "Red Army," asserting that it was not patriotic.  [HollywoodReporter]

  • Shannon Szabados will stick with the SPHL Columbus Cottonmouths this season, as the departure of Andrew Loewen (of wobble dance fame) may open up more playing time for her.  [EdmontonJournal]

  • It isn't too late to get an AC/DC jersey, in either Patriots , Canadiens , or Nordiques flavors... [ACDC]

  • Godspeed chippy defenseman Gus Mortson, who thumbed his nose at Conn Smythe, both literally and figuratively. [TheGlobeAndMail]

  • Beloved billet mom Mary Lane spent close to 20 years caring for bunches of young Kamloops Blazers, including NHLers Shane Doan , Steve Gainey , and Darryl Sydor.  Boys roughhoused, nearly ate her out of house and home, and still return to visit. (with audio link)  [KamloopsThisWeek]

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