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Shoot To Thrill

The duo that entertained us with their speed and skill will need to show us more of the same.

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Plenty to celebrate with these two... Ryan Spooner and David Pastrnak
Plenty to celebrate with these two... Ryan Spooner and David Pastrnak
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Two young Bruins will need to step up, even as a new Bruin can make his own mark.

  • Lookin' at you, Ryan Spooner and David Pastrnak , to pick up where you left off last season.  [CausewayCrowd]

  • We need that because of five lingering questions that the Bruins still need to answer.  [TooManyMenOnTheSite]

  • In this preview of the Atlantic Division, one former Bruin seeks redemption even as a new Bruin could have a breakout year.  [OnTheForecheck]

  • Currently a Prince George Cougar (as was Zdeno Chara long ago) Jesse Gabrielle has lost his baby fat and is expected to fill a top-6 role with his team.  [PrinceGeorgeCitizen]

  • Charles Adams and the Bruins changed hockey history in 1931 by icing the puck 87 times, playing to an angry crowd and a scoreless draw. All this dirt is from Duplacey & Diamond's book The Official Rules of Hockey.  [Google, via Reddit]

  • The bookies have spoken, the Bruins have a middlin' chance to win the Stanley Cup, at 16/1 odds. [NESN]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • What's in a name? One ECHL team dropped the name "Warriors" and came up with something really special.  [BarDown]

  • Hurricanes ownership upheval along with Quebec City's push for an NHL team is sparking rumors about potential movement.  [SportsIllustrated]

  • Gregory Campbell 's most remarkable legacy may ultimately be in promoting the Ice Bucket Challenge, which spiked fundraising that resulted in a gamechanging discovery in the fight against ALS. [CausewayCrowd]

  • Andrew Ference spoke candidly about being the Oilers captain, and why it should not change who a player is.  Wouldn't Connor McDavid be lucky to billet with the Ferences during the season?  [Sportsnet]

  • Although one rookie NFL player chose football, he asserts that it was playing hockey that molded his psyche and physical style. [Sports.Yahoo]

  • The casting call is out for local Hockey Moms to star in a new reality TV show, the season finale will be the Minnesota state tournament. [PostBulletin]  Can a tie-in to the All Hockey Hair Team be far behind? [StarTribune]

  • Police Beat:  Mike Richards has been formally charged, and has received a court date of September 10th.  [Sportsnet]   Slava Voynov remains behind bars, despite an incorrect report that he had been released.  [SportsnetDarryl Sydor has entered a treatment facility.  [StarTribunePatrick Kane has been interviewed by police.  [BuffaloNews]

Joe Haggerty can kiss our ass