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Simon Gagne the latest 2010 Flyer to retire

Good riddance

Elsa/Getty Images

Simon Gagne first really appeared to me, a late-in-life Bruins fan, as a player of note in the 2010 playoffs. He returned from injury in game 4 of the Bruins-Flyers series, the same game of the series that started Krejci sitting due to Mike Richards' attempted murder of him in game 3. He was also the one who scored the 4 Flyers goal in game 7, completing their comeback.

For all of that, I'm sort of glad he's out of the league at this point. He can't hurt us again.

On the other hand, we can't ignore that he played his last NHL hockey as a Bruin. He took 2013-14 off from hockey, then joined the Bruins in training camp in 2014. He played very few games for us, as he left due to his father coming down with cancer. Unfortunately, his father succumbed to the disease. We are, of course, extremely sympathetic to that awful loss. Sports are, in the end, just a game. Family is much, much more important.

However, I believe that Simon would take the spite of Bruins fans for 2010 as a bit of a compliment. If not, maybe he shouldn't have scored that goal and broken all our hearts. Harrumph.

Here's his goal for the Bruins against Montreal: