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Steve Dangle. Perfect Patrice. Talking Game 7. Watch it.

Watch some poor Youtuber/SN employee relive some wonderfully painful memories. (For him. And only him.)

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Longtime Toronto Maple Leafs sufferer fan, youtuber, and now Rogers employee Steve Dangle found himself in a chair at SportsNet during the NHL Media Tour with Patrice Bergeron for a very...well, kind of awkward funny 4 minute interview where we go through the entire Game 7 comeback and Steve Dangle makes silly faces all the while.

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Look at Patrice trying to be nice even as he tears at an old wound that still haunts Leaf fans and warms the hearts of Bruins fans to this day.

He also put his healing hand (as in, tried to be a therapist) with Steve and taught him that yes, it is in fact okay to get over things by using his own terrible terrible experience with the 2010 playoffs, rise above that feeling...then went on to get that Stanley Cup win the year after. Funny how things work out, right?

Also he gave the Leafs his blessing with a comment of "I'm sure they'll keep gettin' better."

What a nice guy.