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The 50 Most Boston Things From Behind The B: Season 3, Episode 1

Behind the B is back for its third season. AREN'T YOU EXCITED? CAUSE I AM!

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

50.) Peter Chiarelli's termination being announced via Boston sports talk radio

49.) Don Sweeney's hiring being announced via the same Boston sports talk radio

48.) Charlie Jacobs sweating profusely during Don Sweeney's introductory press conference

47.) Watching Don Sweeney talk on his cell phone, from several camera angles, for over a minute

46.) Cam Neely calling Don Sweeney "Donald"

45.) Donald signing his contract with a generic BIC blue pen

44.) Watching Connor McDavid jump in the air, once.

43.) Zach Senyshyn mentioning he's an honor roll student, to which a scout off-camera emphatically responds "nice."

42.) Jake DeBrusk saying he plays video games "because there's nothing else to do in Swift Current."

41.) Jake DeBrusk telling Bruins front office staff "it's cool" that he lives five minutes from his friends.

40.) Ryan Spooner's dog, Carl.

39.) Carl's tongue.

38.) Carl getting schooled in fetch by a bigger dog.

37.) Claude Julien's shiny, tanned and still bald head.

36.) Claude Julien mumbling a speech to a room of teenage prospects, and also Joonas Kemppainen.

35.) These para-gliders in Florida.

34.) The Bruins front office acknowledging they've reached on their draft picks, but remaining content regardless.

33.) Jake DeBrusk saying "eh?" in nearly every sentence.

32.) Jake DeBrusk gelling his hair in the men's bathroom.

31.) Fenway Park. So.much.Fenway Park.

30.) This Duckboat.

29.) Jimmy Hayes' Boston accent.

28.) An elderly man telling Jimmy Hayes to "kick a few asses out there this year."

27.) John Whitesides telling a prospect that he, the prospect, has enough hair.

26.) John Whitesides yelling at prospect Jack Becker to "touch the fucking line."

25.) Cam Neely telling John Whitesides he's an intimidating guy.

24.) Jay Pandolfo acting like the polar opposite of John Whitesides.

23.) Torey Krug's ginormous thighs.

22.) Torey Krug explaining he watched not getting drafted at a sandwich shop in Michigan.

21.) John Whiteside's reaction to Torey Krug's story about the sandwich shop in Michigan.

20.) This prospects reaction to the very same Torey Krug sandwich shop story.

19.) Denis Leary (narrator) telling us that everyone in Boston "loves that dirty water."

18.) This female Harvard rowing instructor yelling at Bruins prospects with a megaphone.

17.) This prospect, shirtless, in a two-person rowboat. Why? Who the fuck knows.

16.) Don Sweeney telling Zach Senyshyn he has a nice base.

15.) Max Talbot saying he's pissed off.

14.) Max Talbot's renovated farm house.

13.) Max Talbot returning from the gym and walking into his renovated farm house with a hiking backpack on.

12.) Max Talbot saying he bought his house for the land.

11.) Max Talbot's passion for gardening.

10.) Max Talbot offering the cameraman green beans.

9.) Max Talbot trying to find the "perfect" carrot for the cameraman.

8.) Max Talbot chasing his Max Talbot chickens.

7.) Max Talbot saying "fuck" when he's unable to catch his Max Talbot chickens.

6.) Max Talbot later giggling as he chases his Max Talbot chickens.

5.) Zac Rinaldo's inability to explain the origins of this bizarre "Italy" themed hardhat

4.) Zac Rinaldo's childhood nickname "Bugga."

3.) Zac Rinaldo's childhood award for being aggressive.

2.) Zdeno Chara yelling:

- at David Pastrnak to win a faceoff

-  during a montage of censored "fucks"

- after a Zac Rinaldo goal: "Z.R. IN THE HOUSE!"

- at David Pastrnak, again, to win a faceoff

1.5.) Zac Rinaldo scoring the winning goal of the captain's practice scrimmage, because of course.

1.) And finally, the most Boston thing about Behind the B Epsidoe 1: