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Bruins make more roster transactions

Alrighty then. More bodies moving, more bodies returning.

Sorry kid, you're a P-Bruin this year.
Sorry kid, you're a P-Bruin this year.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins just announced further roster cuts just recently...and some people returning. But this isn't an interesting development just because of who's gone. It's who's coming back that is the real interesting part.


In spite of a strong camp, Austin Czarnik and Frank Vatrano will be going to Providence to take part of their training camp. Linus Arnesson and Chris Casto will also return to Providence. Presumably, Czarnik and Vatrano will be doing what they've been doing all throughout this offseason in Providence. Which means good things for the P-Bruins offense.

But with the first two being so dynamic, it's only a matter of time before they're called up.


Ben Sexton, Brandon Defazio, and Chris Breen will be returning for the game against the New York Rangers tomorrow.

This is interesting largely because...uhm...well... None of them really impressed or stood out in any significant way. Including in Providence for Breen and Sexton. And Defazio's kind of old at this point.

Oh well. It's Preseason. It could easily be seen as just a one game sort of deal so Don Sweeney's "New Feel" Bruins can have almost every prospect on it at least once before the preseason ends.

...or a short term solution to a long term problem.

Who knows? We'll "see" about it in New York tomorrow.