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Fresh Links: Left Coast Edition

Forsbacka! What a rookie!
Forsbacka! What a rookie!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You know, I was going to say "It's Andy Moog days til hockey!" (cause I'm old) and I was all set to find a picture of him and post it up here, but then...I a HABS jersey. Nope. Oh well.

And yeah I know, Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson is probably not going to play in the NHL this year, but if I can sneak in a reference to one of my favorite movies when I was in college, I'll do it. See? I'm old. I just thought about posting a picture of my second favorite Bruin to ever wear #35, Anton Khudobin, buuuuut....we really should be looking ahead now, and not longingly behind us, right? Right?

Anyways, how you guys doing? I'm Miss Muse and I will be your Fresh Links curator for today. Did I miss anything interesting or important? Psssssht...probably. Feel free to add to the pile in the comments.

Bruins News:

  • Do It For Bergy! Patrice Bergeron says that "Everyone on the team has to want it" if they're going to have a successful season this year. []
  • Zdeno Chara is ready to go and hopes he can get himself back to the way he played in 2013-14. [Boston Herald]
  • Matt Kalman says Don Sweeney is making the right off-season moves by not moving at all. [CBS Boston]
  • If they knew then what they know now...Causeway Crowd gives the Bruins a do-over in the 2009 Draft. [Causeway Crowd]


  • Lost in Translation? Antti Raanta says he would never cheer against his own team. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • You won't know if you don't ask. The owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins may ask buyers to pony up as much as $750 million for their team. []
  • In California, 60 degrees is cold! The AHL will host an outdoor game in Sacramento this year between the Stockton Heat (the farm team for the Calgary Flames) and the Bakersfield Condors (the Edmonton Oilers' farm team). [Sports Illustrated]