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Rich Peverley announces retirement

Fare thee well, Raptor Jesus.

Harry How/Getty Images

The Dallas Stars announced today that former Bruin Rich Peverley has decided to retire from his playing career and take a role in player development with the Stars.

It's been a weird, sad couple of years for Peverley - after collapsing on the bench during a heart attack in a game against Columbus, Peverley tried to make a comeback, skating with the Stars' AHL affiliate but ultimately never seeing game time and instead acting as a volunteer assistant coach. As recently as July of this year, it was reported that Peverley was considering his options as a free agent.

Peverley was a solid piece of the Bruins' Stanley Cup winning team. His drop pass to Milan Lucic in game 6 of the 2011 SCF should be remembered forever (and has been memorialized here).

Lots of love to our favorite PPPP (Peverley Pizza Party Participant), our favorite Raptor Jesus. Here's hoping his retirement is long and enjoyable!