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2016 Winter Classic: Line combinations for Bruins and Canadiens

Khokhlachev, Griffith, Gallagher and more

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure: there's a chance all of these lines are wrong. With Marchand and Krejci out, there's really no telling what Claude Julien will end up doing in today's game.

The fourth line is almost a guarantee to remain the same as the Ottawa game, as it's hard to break up a line when a wing has a hat trick.

From Daily Faceoff:

Tuukka Rask will be in goal. I didn't think you needed a graphic for that, SORRY.

Not bad, but man, that top-6 could be ugly. Add in the B's full complement of players (Pastrnak, Krejci, Marchand) and suddenly the forward corps looks a lot more formidable.

Now, for Montreal:

Mike Condon will be between the pipes.

What do you think? The Bruins are clearly shorthanded, but is this lineup enough to give the Habs trouble?