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Report: Denna Laing likely to sue NHL

The Laings will reportedly sue the NHL and the New England Patriots, as well as both the NWHL and CWHL.

According to a report from the New York Post, Denna Laing plans to sue the NHL after suffering a severe spinal cord injury during the Outdoor Women's Classic on New Year's Eve.

As stated by the Post,

Players signed a liability waiver before playing — but that was based on the ice being in playable condition, a source said.

Laing also is expected to sue the NFL New England Patriots team, which owns the stadium, and the two women’s leagues.

This should be taken with a grain of salt, since it is from the Post and it lacks comments from both the NHL and the family. The argument regarding ice conditions is a fair one, as it was widely reported that members of both the Bruins and the Canadiens complained about the state of the ice during their practices, which took place prior to the women's game.

Update: This is likely due to insurance reasons. Some of you may remember a lawsuit from a case where a woman had to sue her 8-year-old nephew for hugging her too hard, as she was knocked over and broke her arm. In that case in Connecticut, she had to sue or insurance would not pay.