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Your 2015 Stanley Cup of Chowder Top Commenters

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Good day, folks! SBNation has tallied up the top commenters for Stanley Cup of Chowder (by quantity, not quality) and we've got the 2015 top ten commenters. Here they are, with how many posts they did for the year. Also included are the extrapolated per day and per hour rates of commenting. That's a lot of comments.

Commenter Comments per Day per Hour
phonymahoney 14523 39.79 1.66
Miss Muse 13085 35.85 1.49
holyhandgrenaid 8944 24.50 1.02
the german hammer 7727 21.17 0.88
bruins(x2)_kings_monarchs 7722 21.16 0.88
UNCMedievalist 4504 12.34 0.51
muffinman2 4470 12.25 0.51
Satan81's Sister 4360 11.95 0.50
TimRich88 4002 10.96 0.46
UnstableElement 3378 9.25 0.39

Of note, these ten people alone accounted for 3.25% of the comments on the blog all year. Great work, y'all.

For comparison, I found the most prolific commenter across all blogs on SBNation: MetsFan4Decades on Amazin Avenue. They pretty much live on the site, having posted 75,277 comments in the last year alone. Which is incredible. Here's how our fearless top ten did against this commenting machine:

Commenter Comments per Day per Hour
Total 72715 199.22 8.30
MetsFan4Decades 75277 206.24 8.59

Pretty incredible stuff from MetsFan4Decades, to be honest. Here's hoping you enjoy commenting in the new year!